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Harshit Jain

A passionate software developer driven by love for problem-solving.

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  • Empowers groups by enabling real-time polling, where admins create polls, participants join rooms, submit nominations, vote, and swiftly receive results. This fosters democratic decision-making, ensuring quick consensus and inclusive participation.
  • Implemented with NestJS, React, Socket.io, and Redis for real-time communication, scalable data management, and type-safe development, ensuring robustness and responsiveness.
  • Tech stack: TypeScript, NestJS, Redis, Socket.io, React, Vite


  • Developed a web-based interactive code editor platform which enables users to write, view, and save real-time code snippets.
  • Implemented a dynamic preview feature, offering users real-time rendering of their HTML, CSS, and JS code, promoting instant feedback facilitating debugging and design adjustments.
  • Users can login to save and share their work with the community and can also interact with others’ work, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Tech stack: JavaScript, ReactJs, Tailwind CSS, Redux, Node.js, Firebase


  • Decentralized app to order food directly from the restaurants with different interfaces for restaurants and customers.
  • A smart contract deployed on Polygon Testnet, locks the money from the customer after an order is placed and transfers to restaurant's account only after delivery of the order is confirmed.
  • Tech stack: Next.js, Solidity, Polygon, ethers.js


  • Crowdsourcing model to generate a large Question Bank where volunteers can contribute MCQ Questions and a customized Question paper with randomized set of Questions can be generated.
  • Student practice interface, teacher's toolkit. Students can practice contribute a question or practice from the question bank.
  • Teachers in addition to the student's features can also generate highly customized Question papers with random Questions from the Question bank.
  • Tech stack: MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science
2020- 2024
  • CGPA: 8.85 (till 7th semester)
  • Coursework included a diverse range of core CSE subjects, including Operating Systems, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, and Computer Architecture.

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